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The knowledge and experiences of the people is the key factor in the R&D process. The more complicated technology, the more crucial it is. Understanding the current and upcoming technologies, following closely the 3GPP standardization, it all allows us to participate on system engineering and development of new functionalities in UTRAN or Core Network.

Each new network release must be heavily tested before it is released to external customers - network element testing, system test, performance test...

Our experience with Project Management eliminates redundancy, increases efficiency and speeds up the whole test progress. IOT testing of interfaces between network elements from different vendors is an ideal place for external and independent company.

And there are more areas where our participation brings benefits, e.g., , O&M integration, System Optimization, transition to IP technology, integration with WLAN, etc.

UMTS Infrastructure:
System Optimization
Performance Improvement
IOT testing
O&M integration

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