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Terminal acceptance and IOT testing - our expertise in WCDMA Air Interface speeds up the test execution and problem identification during validation testing of new software releases, phone models or new feature sets (e.g. HSDPA, HSUPA).

Field Testing, KPI collection, Competitive Analysis - Rel5 and Rel6 of 3GPP specifications create a competitive environment where the field performance, e.g. data throughput can be a crucial success factor. Benchmarking the new products against an accepted "best-in-class reference" is the most common way of performance verification - our Field Test solutions allow cost effective execution of this testing on real networks.

Development of customized Test Solutions - the commercial test tools are usually missing some important functionality for UE testing. COMNESYS specializes in development of test software covering the particular test scenarios, with interworking support for third party software (e.g. logging).

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